1. T

    [MDSSP] DCC and BOLC before starting medical school

    Hey everyone, Here is my timeline for reference: January 2022 - May 2022: Senior semester 1 August 2022 - December 2022: Senior semester 2 and graduation July 2023: Begin medical school (I have a deferred acceptance) I’ve been talking with my recruiter to get the MDSSP ball rolling, and he...
  2. N

    National Guard Special Branch Recruiter, Ask Me Anything

    Hello, I am a special branch recruiter for the National Guard. Special Branch recruiters specifically recruit for AMEDD, Chaplain, and JAG. Every state will have an Officer Strength Management shop and within that shop will have a Special Branch Recruiter. Those are some key words you will want...
  3. C

    Combined Degree with MDSSP?

    Hi, I originally posted this in the combined degree forum but was told I may have better luck here, I am currently a pre-med student looking into combined degree programs. I am looking at MD/MBA or MD/MHA, but for this question, the combination of degrees is largely irrelevant. I am also an Army...
  4. K

    Military post residency

    I am currently in my 4th year of residency for orthopedic surgery. I am commissioned as an O3 in the army reserves and doing the STRAP/HPLRP. Does anyone have information of what life is like post residency? I am trying to sign a contract with a private practice group, and they have concerns...
  5. T

    Army Army Reserve STRAP and eligible specialties

    I will be starting medical school this summer and I plan on doing the Mdssp/strap programs throughout med school and residency. I've read/heard that only select specialties are eligible for Strap in the reserves and I do not see internal medicine on this list. Here are my questions: 1) Is strap...
  6. mj1988

    MDSSP/STRAP/HPSP/FAP and Reserves/Guard

    Hi everyone. I am considering my options for both paying for medical school and possibly service to my country. As such, I have done some forum reading and other research on branch specific websites on HPSP and FAP in the navy or air force. I am a female late 20s person with recent acceptance to...