study skills

  1. N

    Best way to memorize

    Hi everyone, This is a question for current med students who have gotten the hang of studying the large amount of material you need to learn. A hypothetical example: say you have 50 chapters in a textbook to learn but a limited amount of time. How do you decide when you need to go back and...
  2. J

    DAT retake study schedule/material 2017 need help!

    Hey everyone I am retaking the DAT for the 3rd time. I'm not improving as much as i want to and i was wondering maybe if i changed my study schedule or got different materials it could help? I used Chads videos for Chem and Ochem. Crack the dat pat. And half heartedly used DAT destroyer. Briefly...
  3. The_Sunny_Doc

    If you improved your anatomy grade significantly, how did you do it?

    Anyone who changed their grade from a B or C to an A, how did you do it? Anatomy is the only class that kicked my butt first semester, both blocks. Not looking for tips from people who have been acing it all along. I'd like advice from those who changed how they studied this subject and thus...