1. Mt. Fuji

    I'm Japanese student. PLEASE HALP ME!!

    Hello everyone, I'm Japanese graduated HS in Japan and living Japan now. I'm 20 years old. I want to enter a community college and transfer a university. Afterwords, I want to enter medical school. I'm going to enter a community college in California so I want to know: Which community college...
  2. G

    Question on transcript

    So one of my classes thats a transfer credit is named as "elective" on my transcript, what subject should i put it under when im entering it in the application transcript?
  3. A

    MCAT study materials general consensus

    Im planning on taking the princeton review ultimate course, 123 hours of instruction + 7 prep books. I was looking for books with dense material coverage and I heard from people that princeton review covers topics really in depth. Also I have friends who used princeton and scored pretty well...
  4. P

    Gen Chem self study for mcat

    Hi guys, I Feel like I have a solid background on all subjects the MCAT covers besides gen chem. I got C's in gen chem 1 and 2 (wasnt really motivated my freshman year). All other pre-reqs I got A's. I will dedicate about 3 months of self study to MCAT. How long would it take for me to get a...
  5. X

    USMLE UWORLD Percent scores by Subject and Step 1 scores

    Hey guys, sorry if this was already posted but I couldn't it anywhere. SO I thought I would start the thread. I was wondering for people who did UWORLD BY SUBJECT what were your Qbank percents and actual step scores. I see all these correlations with UWORLD and STEP scores but I feel like...
  6. R

    MCAT Advice?

    Hi, some specific questions for those of you who prepped for the MCAT independently: I'm a little nervous because I'm taking the MCAT in May and applying in June, so I'm really hoping this goes well! I just got out of orgo and am taking biochem this semester so I have the advantage of having the...