summer before medical school

  1. doctadude

    Reviewing before Med School

    I'll be starting med school next fall. By the time I start, I will have had two years since undergrad. A lot of that undergrad knowledge is a bit fuzzy at this point. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with review material prior to starting med school so I don't feel behind when we...
  2. auferstehen92

    Medical Student Summer Research

    I'm considering joining a summer research project before I start medical school in July, but I'm unsure whether or not this would be the best use of my time. What do you all think? Is it better to wait until M2 summer to join a project, especially if the research is not in an area that you want...
  3. M

    Lack of motivation to study for MCAT

    Hello everyone, I am currently approaching my senior year in college with plans to take the MCAT in february /march of 2017. I am pretty organized and good at making schedules, but my problem is my I just cant start studying. This summer I did take a summer class and it ended on june 30th. The...
  4. amdhaliw

    Other Nonprofit Organization Jump Start Med Ed

    Hi! I thought I might post this here in case students are interested in joining our student org/med ed program. The program runs online over the summer and covers some of the science-part of medicine along with the "holistic" part. We have run two pilot course as a medical school and want to...