1. M

    Question about asking for a letter of rec for internship at a practicum I'm starting next week.

    Hi all, I was looking for your expertise on a question regarding a letter of rec for my predoctoral internship. I am starting a practicum next week and I'm planning to apply to internship this year (2018-2019). Would it be appropriate to ask my supervisor to write a letter of rec for...
  2. avi670

    Supervisor Title?

    Hi, I'm wondering what to put for the supervisor title if you were on the board for an on-campus club? I was treasurer for a year. Would I put the presidents name as the supervisor? Also, does it look bad if I say that no to the release authorization in that section?
  3. NerdDoc

    Concerns about my supervisor and hours verification

    I have found myself in a concerning situation. I am in a private practice setting. It is a well respected group practice in the area and I was very excited to be doing my post-doc here. My supervisory experience has not been great and there have been some issues. My supervisor (SV) started out...
  4. O

    Letters of Recommendation - Evaluation Addsas

    2 of my supervisors offered to give me strong letters......but how will they "send" or submit these letters to addsas? I also have a potential dentist that will give me another recommendation letter - where does it belong in addsas? Yes, I have addsas account almost completed except for this...
  5. A

    Who qualifies as a "supervisor"?

    Hey guys! Sticky situation here... Last summer I volunteered as a gymnastics coach at a local YMCA. This was a YMCA that I competed at for over 10 years (until I graduated high school) so naturally I wanted to come back to help out there. The coordinator for the program is the parent of one of...