surgeon problems in modern medicine

  1. kalf

    How skillful are the new urologic surgeons after residency?

    This is a general question but reflects my fears. After finishing residency which procedures can a junior attending manage confidently? I know that as the years go by, uro residents are more displeased with the volume of surgeries the do due to work-hour restrictions and the minimally invasive...
  2. D

    Something to consider if gunning for surgery

    The College of Physicians and surgeons of Ontario requires proof that you are not infected with Hepatitis or HIV every year now to continue to practice surgery in Ontario. You may live the celebate and drug free life of a Buddist Monk, but one needle stick or one wayward splash of blood, serum...
  3. neuroace

    Tell me the problems you face

    Hi there, Writing a medical research paper- wanted to know what problems do you face in your respective medical field? Problems or issues that commonly arise. Appreciate your constructive input.