surgical residency

  1. M

    What surgical procedures do General Surgeons end up doing?

    I was looking around on a couple of threads and it seems to me that cases that General Surgeons get are usually abdomen related. Anything not related to the abdomen seems to be taken by the specialties.
  2. G

    Grey's Anatomy Medical Communications Fellowship

    Hi, My name is Barbara Friend, and I am the Director of Medical Research at the television show Grey's Anatomy on ABC. Grey's is offering a Medical Communications Fellowship for surgical Residents. The fellowship mostly entails medical consulting on the show, in the writers' room and...
  3. L

    General Surgery Program Reviews/Interview Impressions

    Now that the official interview invites thread is dying down, I thought this would be an appropriate time to solicit candid opinions about your interview experiences at different programs. I also wholeheartedly welcome any anonymous program reviews from current residents. I am aware of...
  4. Pathologist333

    General Surgery with RA

    I'm currently in the middle of my surgical clerkship, and I'm falling in love with this specialty. I enjoy nearly every aspect from clinic to consultations to post op management: but, there is nothing as gratifying as the OR. I wake up every morning tired, but with a smile. The problem is I have...
  5. T

    DO/DMD Question

    I am interested in pursuing the DO/DMD degree and wanted to see what your guys' opinions on this were. I was interested in specializing in oral surgery and either family medicine or orthopedic surgery but am unsure how that would work after I would graduate and if it is the best option. What do...
  6. LizzyM

    Competitiveness of surgical residency programs

    Obviously, I've come over from pre-allo and hope that you will indulge me. Do surgical residencies and surgical subspecialties always require very high board scores or is there a range? Also, does anyone know of a correlation between old MCAT scores and Step 1 and 2 scores?