1. M

    Residency options question based on interest & STEP

    I truly enjoy suturing (lacerations, cysts, etc) in the clinic and in the OR, however with a low STEP1 score (209) I am realistically excluded from a surgical residency. What options do I have? The only things I can think of are FM and EM. Any insight would be helpful!
  2. knock0ut

    Surgical instruments and suture guide

    Hey y'all, I'm applying into ENT and am wondering if anyone knows of a document that would be helpful to learn when to use the various surgical instruments and when to use which sutures...I know this is very broad and maybe just needs to be learned by experience, but I feel like it would be...
  3. knock0ut

    Resources to learn suturing

    I have an ENT rotation coming up, and it has been a while since I've sutured. Have a practice kit. What online resources have y'all found are good for briefly teaching high yield suture techniques?
  4. Q

    New Suture Kit

    Hello! I am selling a new suture kit. It is is a Sim*Suture kit from (link = ) They sell on the website for $47.95 + the price of shipping + tax. I am selling mine for $40 with free shipping and no tax. Please let me know if you are...
  5. C

    Best suture kit/knot tying kit to buy for practice

    I was in the OR today and embarrassed myself in front of an attending with my novice knot tying, ability as I feebly attempted to close up laparoscopic skin incisions. I am still in the beginning of my third year and have had minimal formal teaching regarding this skill; at my medical school, we...