switching specialties

  1. B

    Success stories/failed attempts on switching to ophthalmology?

    I just wanted to ask if anyone on here has switched/tried to switch from another specialty into ophthalmology? Or have they heard of anyone to do so? I couldn't find many stories about this online, and I was hoping to get a little bit of insight. I would appreciate it!!
  2. A

    Other My YouTube Video on Switching Residencies Outside the Match

    Hi everyone! I wanted to share a YouTube video I made on my tips for finding a residency position outside of the match/switching residencies. I successfully switched from Radiology to Psychiatry (PGY2 position) myself and these are the things I did to find a position at a great program! I'm...
  3. S

    Switching Specialty during Prelim year

    Hey everyone, I am currently completing a surgical prelim year. I have an advanced position in anesthesia next year but would like to switch into a surgical residency. Can anyone comment on the steps to go about switching residency specialty without getting an NRMP violation? Does this...
  4. JstKpTryn

    Position Wanted PGY1 OBGYN resident seeking Family Medicine position.

    Hi! I am a US medical graduate currently in my intern year as an OBGYN resident. I am looking for an open/unfilled family medicine position to start in July 2017. Message me for details! Thanks!
  5. D

    Reapplicant. How easy is it to switch into EM?

    I applied for radiology this past year and didn't match into anything. I wanted to be a radiologist in third year because of what I had heard and read about the field. However, when I did my 4th year rads rotation, I was not impressed. Nevertheless, I was so far into the process that I did not...
  6. cherrylemon9915

    To those who think they cannot get into a competitive specialty with a DO

    Okay, so this is more of a question. If you go into a DO school and (God forbid) you don't get into the specialty you want, couldn't you just switch specialties after practicing a few years or during/after your residency?? Yes, I know that residents don't get paid much (around 50,000 which is...
  7. D