1. L

    Residency in Switzerland for a non-EU citizen

    Hello, I am a Canadian citizen, completed my medical degree outside the EU/US/Canada, but I would like to apply for residency in Switzerland, given that I speak French. I have tried asking around and searching online regarding the application process, but couldn't find anything concrete. What...
  2. Budding Doctor07

    Post Graduation in Western Europe

    Hello Guys!!!!! I would like to do my post grad in Western European countries like the following Germany, Austria, Belgium, Swiss As far I have researched Germany seems to be a better option cuz the PG courses are offered in English, as a non German i think it will be very difficult to do PG in...
  3. M

    What is being a doctor like in Germany and Switzerland?

    What is life like for a doctor in Germany or Switzerland? Like, what is the average salary and what kind of lifestyle does the salary allow one to lead? What are the working conditions in these countries for doctors?