1. joe7456

    Best tablet for studying in med school?

    hello, Please post your favorite tablet below and why you think it will suffice for upcoming medical students?
  2. B

    Selling My Microsoft Surface Pro (2017 like new condition)

    Selling my Surface Pro with Intel core i5, 256gb storage and 8gb of RAM. Also included is the premium keyboard case with Alcantara in cobalt blue, the new surface pen in platinum and the surface dock. The keyboard and pen accessories are both back ordered from Microsoft. Everything is in perfect...
  3. Cura_te_ipsum

    Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? - The Atlantic

    We see it in medical students: immature developmental social skills, lack of skill sets to interact with patients and peers, playing on their laptops / phones during lectures, heads buried in their electronic devices during clinical rotations and rounds, terrified to meet with faculty to address...
  4. Stagg737

    Technology Advice for the Tech Idiot

    I know this has probably been asked before, but I can't find any new threads. I'm in the market for a new laptop and I wanted to get some advice on which brand/laptop would work out the best for me. I've read a few reviews and know a few of the brands/companies, but I haven't bought a computer...
  5. ScienceIsArt

    Pills for cramps without Ibuprofen?

    Best Menstrual pain pill without Ibuprofen? Are there any pills better than Tylenol without damaging? How do those differentiate with Tylenol? Both ALEVE and MIDOL are NAPROXEN. There's MIDOL, containing caffeine which isn't recommended during menstruation cycle. The MIDOL Teen version doesn't...
  6. D

    Best Tablet Specs for Vet School

    Howdy All, I will be a 1VM student starting at TAMU CVM in August of 2016! I am considering buying a tablet and have done a considerable amount of shopping around up to this point. I am pretty much sold on the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. (I'd be happy to explain why if necessary, mostly personal...
  7. hiphopcrates

    Best tablet for medical school - 2016 version

    I'm looking to buy a tablet for medical school that I can use to easily take notes (writing to text feature a necessity), that's light and portable, and that will stand the test of 3-4 years. I've researched on SDN and Reddit but have seemed to only come across old threads. Recommendations...