1. K

    DAT Biology/Taxonomy

    Hey Everyone! So I have been reviewing for the DAT that i take in about 3.5 weeks. Biology tends to still be my lowest score. Does anyone have any good ways for studying biology? I am not great with reading the Ferralis notes and find myself easily distracted and do not retain much. Also is...
  2. ToothMcToothface

    Taxonomy and Biome Support!

    I took the DAT just a few days ago and had at least three questions about taxonomy. I answered every single one correctly because of this document I had made taking information from the Kaplan Blue Book. I want to share this with whoever is interested because I feel like it could help a lot...
  3. D

    Biology section: taxonomy/plant anatomy

    Hello everyone, I have been studying to retake the DAT in June and while I feel like much of the material should be straight forward, I am having some difficulty with the taxonomy and plant anatomy portion of biology (working out of Cliff's AP Bio). I just wanted to know how much of this...