1. Thelostlilac

    Advice for online recruitment

    Hi! I am working on a study with parents, teachers, and medical students for online data collection and I am trying to figure out the best ways to recruit. Anyone have any ideas/experience recruiting these groups? I cannot afford MTurk or Qualtrics panel or anything like that. Any suggestions...
  2. P

    MA/MS School comparison: CUNY Hunter, CUNY City, Columbia TC

    Hey all, After applying to three Masters and two Doctorate programs in Psychology (Clinical for the doctorates) just to cover my bases, I was denied from both doctorate programs (Rutgers and U of Illinois Chicago) but accepted into two MA programs (CUNY City and Columbia Teachers College) while...
  3. I

    NRI Thinking about going to India for MBBS in Sri Ramachandra Medical College

    Hello all, Just wanted to say that I'm new to these forums and excuse me if this is in the wrong section (I don't believe so..?). Alright, lets get started. I'm a student in the United States as a senior (12th grade, high school). I'm currently taking the International Baccalaureate (IB)...