test date availability

  1. U

    Delay MCAT? More time needed, but means post-June 1 app (deemphasizing applicant anecdotes)

    (read bolded for quick skim) Thanks in advance for reading and responding. I don't think I am the only one with this question so hopefully others can glean something from this discussion. I am scheduled to test April 21 and it has occurred to me that I need to put some finishing touches on...
  2. Vertigo7

    USMLE Step 2CS Scheduling & availability

    I'm IMG, applying for 2017 Match. Currently I'm waiting for my scheduling permit for step 2 CS to be issued, but I looked up available test dates on this site csess2.ecfmg.org/calendar.aspx and if I'm seeing correctly first available test date is September 19th. Is that possible? I was hoping...