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  1. Fuzzylogik

    PhD/PsyD Oregon Jurisprudence Exam for Psychologists

    I am currently licensed in another stated and will be sitting for the Oregon Jurisprudence Exam later this year. There are a couple of threads that have asked this question in the past but no answers -- any suggestions on how to study? What the exam focuses on? Is it open or closed book...
  2. U

    TBR Books for sale

    I have TBR books for sale: Biology I and II, Gen Chem I and II, Physics I and II, Verbal Reasoning, and Organic Chemistry I and II. I'll upload pictures when I get home, but they're barely used and have no writing in them. I'm asking $300 OBO for the whole set and can mail them to you overnight.
  3. C

    Kaplan PCAT Test Materials - LIKE NEW

    I purchased the full set from Kaplan for over $1000, only asking $300 now or best offer really, no need for it and just really want someone to be able to use it! Includes the unopened noteboard booklet and dry erase marker that will be used during the real PCAT, PCAT lesson book, PCAT review...