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  1. U

    TBR Books for sale

    I have TBR books for sale: Biology I and II, Gen Chem I and II, Physics I and II, Verbal Reasoning, and Organic Chemistry I and II. I'll upload pictures when I get home, but they're barely used and have no writing in them. I'm asking $300 OBO for the whole set and can mail them to you overnight.
  2. doe_eyed

    NEW NAPLEX - no partial credit on select all that apply? T/F?

    According to RxPrep instructions: For the NAPLEX: You may have heard that the exam is somewhat more complex, and there are a higher percentage of Select ALL that Apply questions, which do not have partial credit. Is this true??? Obviously, I believe yes. How much partial credit was given on...
  3. D

    Re: In-House Exam Review and Lecture Recording

    Hello fellow United States medical students! I am a second year class officer at a US MD-granting school and we have a few ancient policies that I am working hard to try and update for future classes as they pass through their basic science years and prepare optimally for Step 1. I need some...