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    Neuropsychological & Forensic Instruments Wanted...

    Looking for WRAML-2; WISC-V; WMS-IV; CVLT-3; RBANS; DRS-2; Nelson-Denny Reading; Benton; Tokens; SDMT; Visual Object Spatial Perception Battery (VOSP); HCR-20; Bricklin. Please email me at: [email protected] Thank you!
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    Use fingernails on DAT to measure lines and angles on PAT section?

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    Do I need the 2017 RxPrep Book?

    I am trying to decide if I need to buy the new RxPrep 2017 book. Here is my situation. I have the 2016 book and took the exam October 22 (didn't pass). NC has a mandatory 90 waiting period, so I am in the process of registering and plan to re-test in 60 days. I have so many notes in my 2016...
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    Tutor with 99th Percentile MCAT Scorer!

    I am offering online MCAT tutoring services for a fraction of the cost charged by mainstream test prep companies. Princeton Review charges between $135 and $170 an hour for tutoring. Kaplan charges $4899 for 25 hours of tutoring! And that's just to tutor with someone with an unknown score. I...
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    Looking to purchase psych testing kits WAIS IV, WPPSI IV, WISC V, WIAT III,

    Hi. I am a licensed psychologist interested in purchasing used but current test kits -- WAIS IV, WISC V, WPPSI IV, WIAT III, W-J IV, etc. If anyone is selling any of these, or other testing materials, please let me know at [email protected] Thanks.