texas academic fresh start

  1. T

    Texas Non-Trad 3.75 (Texas AFS) 507 mcat Low verbal

    I enrolled under Texas AFS for a summer mini and with that, my cGPA becomes 3.75 and sGPA 3.70. MCAT is 507 (29 old scale) C/P 126 (86%) CARS 123 (37%) B/BC 130 (97%) P/S 126 (67%) (only 1 MCAT attempt) None of my courses are retakes and I transferred from CC at 60 credits. Nothing below a B- in...
  2. CareerNumTwo

    Another Texas Fresh Start question

    First post here... Looking for advice because I'm getting all sorts of mixed messages on this topic. I know how the program works, but I keep reading differences of opinion on whether or not I can envoke the fresh start if I already have a bachelor's degree. Tonight, while searching, I came...
  3. A

    UF Online Biology Degree

    Hello everyone! So I've been lurking in the forum for a few weeks and have been wondering about online degrees as an older, non-trad student. I also emailed a couple of paid consultants (one of them was the former assistant director of admissions at a top 5 school). The majority opinion seems...