texas mpje

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    Any good TX Mpje practice questions out there?

    I've read through the Brinkley book like 4 times along with questions in the back. Would I need to prepare in any other way?? Any good tx mpje practice exams out there?
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    MD/PharmD in need of books/notes to pass Texas MPJE

    Hi, I am a MD PharmD who is practicing medicine in Texas and wanted to get/buy books and notes for the Texas MPJE. I am quite busy and wanted to see if you can give me tips and help me obtain my Texas license. Any info would help. My email is holylife888 at gmail Thank you for taking the time,
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    TEXAS MPJE question regarding delivery of prescription without the presence of pharmacist

    In the ultimate TX MPJE review guide, there's a section in Class A pharmacy law that states the following: "During short periods of time when the pharmacist is absent from the pharmacy, an agent of the pharmacist may deliver a previously verified prescription (new or refill) to a patient in the...