thank you letters

  1. M

    Post-interview communication for fellowship

    So I know it's debatable the role of thank you letters after interviews, I never used to do them before. But I'm applying for a fellowship in a small field, I wonder if it is more noticeable if I don't send a thank you letter? For programs that are not among my top choices, how do you format...
  2. LindaAccepted

    Medical The Anatomy of a Thank You Email

    After your medical school interview, it is appropriate to send thank you’s to all of the people who helped you throughout the day. These days it is rare to receive a thank-you card. You can easily set yourself apart by sending out handwritten notes. If, like most people, you only have time to...
  3. M

    Thank you notes to admissions committee members at my chalk talk?

    I had an MD/PhD interview where I gave a chalk talk before the members of the graduate school admissions committee. I am writing thank you notes now and wondering how I handle the committee members. I know the letters all have to be different, and was thinking I would write a note mentioning a...
  4. TalaDuShrrg

    A stupid problem -- thank you letters

    I have the dumbest problem: I want to send thank you letters to the two interviewers that interviewed me, but I don't remember their names! I've been directed to upload any thank you's to the applicant portal, so I could technically send one generic letter without names, but that seems like a...