thank you letters

  1. M

    Post-interview communication for fellowship

    So I know it's debatable the role of thank you letters after interviews, I never used to do them before. But I'm applying for a fellowship in a small field, I wonder if it is more noticeable if I don't send a thank you letter? For programs that are not among my top choices, how do you format...
  2. M

    Thank you notes to admissions committee members at my chalk talk?

    I had an MD/PhD interview where I gave a chalk talk before the members of the graduate school admissions committee. I am writing thank you notes now and wondering how I handle the committee members. I know the letters all have to be different, and was thinking I would write a note mentioning a...
  3. TalaDuShrrg

    A stupid problem -- thank you letters

    I have the dumbest problem: I want to send thank you letters to the two interviewers that interviewed me, but I don't remember their names! I've been directed to upload any thank you's to the applicant portal, so I could technically send one generic letter without names, but that seems like a...