the university of queensland

  1. itskagome

    UQ Ochsner (IMG MD) vs. KCU (DO)

    To preface, I have recently been pulled off the waitlist at KCU in Joplin (3 hours ago) and have until 10am tomorrow to decide (less than 24 hours). I have spoken to A LOT of people, but more information/insight can only help. As of now, I am not interested in particularly competitive...
  2. H

    UQ prospects

    Hi I am just asking for someone to shed some light for me on my application to traditional UQ. I just got my MCAT score back and I got exactly 496 on the dot. My overall GPA is about a 6.75 out of 7.0 on the aussie scale and about a 3.5 on the 4.0 scale. I got a crap ton of research and...