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Sep 7, 2019
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To preface, I have recently been pulled off the waitlist at KCU in Joplin (3 hours ago) and have until 10am tomorrow to decide (less than 24 hours). I have spoken to A LOT of people, but more information/insight can only help. As of now, I am not interested in particularly competitive specialties. My interests right now are Fam Med/ Peds/ EM/ OBGYN. Here are the list of Pros and Cons of each.

University of Queensland
-MD program
-95.4% match in 2020
-Global perspective in medicine (get to see a different healthcare system)
-first two years in Brisbane Australia
-clinical rotations completed in the US (New Orleans, LA)
-will potentially be removed from distractions b/c I would be living on my own
-wont have to quit current job (I am scheduled to teach Anatomy and Physiology in the fall as an adjunct professor)
-504 minimum MCAT (student body is not the typical low stat IMG)
-school would start in January (more time to move and save up money)
-don't have to take two different exams, just USMLE
-coastal city, a lot to do
-"top 50 universities worldwide"
-have spoken to current UQ students and they have "no regrets"

-potentially skewed match rate due to attrition
-may have to live two years without my two dogs (may end up having them travel with me, but its undecided)
-US grads chosen over IMGS for residencies (not savvy on the particulars of how this works)
-expensive flight if I wanted to travel home during breaks
-students have to secure their own observerships with little (but some) help from UQ
-If I decide I want a more competitive specialty, it will be difficult.
-a lot of unknowns, never been to Australia, never visited the campus

Kansas City University at Joplin
-start 6 months sooner
-100% match rate in 2020
-would be closer to family
-low cost of living
-got to visit the campus/city/student body and I love it
-close to Arkansas (partner has family there are there are a lot of camping/hiking opportunities)
-$49k/year (more affordable COA)
-Higher likelihood of matching where I want
-Previously competitive COMLEX scores
-One of the "top" DO programs
-Long history with observable data trends (impressive program/ opportunities)
-cold weather in the winter (i love snow)
-"safer" choice

-DO stigma (may regret not going MD)
-Grandma less happy (bless her heart)
-possible increase in the number of distractions (living with partner, dogs, closer to fam, etc.)
-online during my first semester (missed opportunity of in-person cadaver labs)
-would have to move ASAP with little time to pack (lose money on current rental)
-would have to leave the college I work for hanging (very short notice among the already problematic covid situation)

*Obviously each of these talking points is not created equal so simply counting the pros and cons for each does not do me any good.*

If anyone can speak specifically to either of these programs and or give your overall thoughts it would be super helpful!!

**Update: Decided on KCU.**
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Sep 16, 2014
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KCU. Always attend school the US school. KCU is also cheaper which is a huge plus.
It’s a DO school but you’ll match and be a doctor if you do what needs to be done.
The IMG route is risky and at 67k a year, you have a lot to lose.
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Jun 9, 2016
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KCU hands down. I agree with the above post, and I also think moving so far away for med school would actually be very stressful. I know you mention your partner and pets as potential distractions, but I think possible culture shock and homesickness could be quite distracting as well! Further with step being p/f I think it is worthwhile to avoid being an IMG when applying for residency. It may become harder to match in the US even for relatively solid IMG programs.
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