thoracic surgery

  1. F

    Interventional pulmonology- program review (Lahey)

    Hi all, I trained at the Lahey clinic for IP within the past 5 years, and wanted to give future applicants a brief pro/con. One difference I find between programs is the service time they will have you do, it varies widely between none-- heavy service. Pros Adequate procedure volume Great...
  2. C

    Top Integrated CT Surgery Programs - 2017 Update

    These rankings are based on the final product of each institution. It is my belief that three things contribute primarily to this: 1) autonomy 2) surgical volume and 3) surgical complexity. Top tier: 1. UPENN - Undisputed power house. Dr. Acker continues to get his choice of the top 1-2...
  3. Junior22

    Resources for Cardiothoracic in-service Exam

    Just wondering what everyone found most useful. Are the lectures that the JCTSE sets up adequate, or is it better to grab a good thoracic book (medical management of thoracic sx...) and cardiac book (no f***in idea) and just go from there. Cheers.