1. W

    "Reputation" as a means to get into a "top" residency

    Provided you do well and get the requisite Step 1 score, does it make a big difference what medical school you go to, top 20 vs mid tier in regards to getting into competitives surgical residencies?
  2. SterlingMaloryArcher

    MD & DO Is the mediastinum an airtight cavity or is it just a defined imaginary area?

    I've always wondered but I have to propose a new medical device (you have to at the end of this class I'm taking, where you pitch it to BMEngineers. I doubt they're really expecting anything actually worthwhile from undergrads but I thought why not take it seriously and see what comes of it.)...
  3. Junior22

    Resources for Cardiothoracic in-service Exam

    Just wondering what everyone found most useful. Are the lectures that the JCTSE sets up adequate, or is it better to grab a good thoracic book (medical management of thoracic sx...) and cardiac book (no f***in idea) and just go from there. Cheers.
  4. missrv

    Can a cardio thoracic surgeon practice general Surgery?

    If someone were to go through an Integrated Thoracic Surgery Residency Program, can they be certified in thoracics and also general surgery? I feel like that is a dumb question, but I have been told if someone wanted to get certified in GS then they would have to go through a second residency in...
  5. R

    *****2015-2016 Integrated Thoracic Surgery (I6) Interviews/rejections*****

    Hey everyone! Figured I'd start the thread for this year-- better late than never. Good luck!