1. Klondike the Polar Bear

    Speeding ticket after all applications submitted.

    If you get a speeding ticket (not a misdemeanor) after your primary has been verified and you've submitted all your secondaries, how should you proceed? Inform each school? Inform AMCAS?
  2. Nicole Kidd

    Will Parking Ticket Affect Going to MedSchool?

    Just got a parking ticket right in front of my house. Have been studying for MCAT without going outside of the house. In Baltimore, if you park in the same spot for over 48hrs, the neighbour will report you and the cop will chalk your tire. Should I repeal? I just moved to Baltimore and I don't...
  3. Dr.GizzyGagan

    Possible To Get Accepted?

    Hey guys so i was just wondering is it possible to apply and get accepted to Dental School if you have a By Law Ticket thats says possession of marijuana? It was a fine that was paid off but shown on the record!