tmdsas letters of evaluation

  1. M

    TMDSAS Letters of Eval ID #?

    I'm applying to schools through both TMDSAS and AMCAS and am planning to use Interfolio to request my LoE/LoR. Interfolio has a setting to input your ID # for both services so that it is placed in the correct file, but TMDSAS's website states that it must be within the actual letter. So now I'm...
  2. SoJo

    Question about TMDSAS Eval. Letters

    So I was gonna add the physician (MD) that was shadowing for the past 2 years as an evaluator, but when I went to select the "Relationship to you:*" drop box, there isn't a practicing physician option. The only options are: Health Professions Advisor Academic Advisor Graudate Advisor Immediate...