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    Neuromodulation Technician and Patient Coordinator (NY, NY)

    We are an integrative psychiatric and neuromodulation practice in New York City looking for a full-time staff member to join our team. This position will primarily involve the administration of transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) treatment to individuals suffering from treatment-resistant...
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    TMS and tDCS

    TMS and tDCS are emerging therapies in a number of neurologic and psychiatric disease areas. Publications are building up in support of their use e.g. : Until now, there hasn't been much clinical use. If research continues to be promising, I'm...
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    Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation during med school

    Oh boy. TLDR: TMS therapy for severe depression while in med school? I'm an MS1 at an allo U.S. school. I've been treated for MDD since age 8-- somewhat controlled, with some relapses. I've never been hospitalized. My father was a physician with depression who died of an overdose when I was...