1. thethinker

    Wolters Kluwer/lexicomp + other active promos

    I figured this would be a good place to share discounts we've discovered on references pharmacists and students use on a daily basis. Despite having Clinical Pharmacology available to me through my employer, I still subscribe to Lexi-Complete as a person preference. I typically do 3 years at a...
  2. M

    Built an App to check secondary statuses

    MapAggregate - A Secondary Application Checker I decided to build an app called MapAggregate to address a problem I had during the secondary application portion of this years application cycle by allowing the collected checking of your secondary applications. I had an issue with a secondary...
  3. J

    DPT Application Advice

    Hey guys I need a little advice on applying to DPT programs. I do not believe I have the strongest application at the moment, but I am looking to strengthen it before this upcoming application cohort. So far my stats are: Undergrad: Ithaca College Major: Clinical Exercise Science Overall...