1. T

    Need opinions on topics for secondary questions

    For the diversity question: I was raised Jewish and still practice Judaism but I went to a catholic high school because it was much better then my public high school and I wanted to go, we took religious study classes and I routinely went to masses, was taught by nuns and brothers and their was...
  2. B

    Failure essay... but unsure if it counts

    Thanks for all the input! Going back to the dawing board.
  3. B

    Advice for Additional Info (optional) Secondary?

    Please give me your opinions! Would it be better to include a "Why this school" or a second diversity essay? This particular secondary happened to already have a formal question about diversity, but I'm still leaning towards my second diversity essay. The second diversity topic would touch on...
  4. jjs6067

    Acute Care Inservice Ideas

    I know early mobility is a good topic, but I've already done a brief blurb about that, so if any of you know another topic, that would be helpful. I'm mainly in the ICU during this rotation if that helps. Thanks!