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    Am I on track for the Jan MCAT?

    Hey all! So I'm currently studying for the MCAT and planning to take it on Jan 19. I started studying in October so its been about a month and a half in so far so I still haven't finished all the content yet. I've taken two TPR Full lengths, and scored a 498 on both of them (the last one was...
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    Hi all, I just took the TPR MCAT EXAM 1 and wanted to know how everyone has done on this. Is TPR harder, easier? How do the questions compare to actual AAMC style? How about the way that C/P and B/B are presented? Is PS easier than the actual style? How about CARS? Thanks!
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    TPR FL2 #11 C/P

    Can someone help me out with this question? I have never been very strong in optics and can't seem to understand this one!
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    TPR FL Scores Dropping? Should I Reschedule?

    My retake is coming up this month :nailbiting: and I'm starting to get worried since my TPR FL scores are dropping. I've heard the general consensus is that TPR Demo & Review exams are harder than most of the Course & Complete ones, so I'm having trouble tracking my progress. Do you guys think...