1. A

    TPRH Questions for CARS? Hard or AAMC-Like??!

    Are TPRHyperlearning questions similar to AAMC questions? I find that some of their answers to the tests at the end are just way off - you can't reliably draw the same conclusions each time. I'm going to buy the AAMC questions.
  2. MissAnonLot

    For Sale 2017 TBR Set, TPRH Verbal Workbook, EK 10th Edition Biology + Some Extras

    Everything is sold.
  3. A

    WTB TBR Bio, Chem, Ochem, & Phys. EK1001 set. TPRH Verbal WkBook.

    PM with price and details. Thank you!
  4. K

    FOR SALE: MCAT 2016 Study Books (TBR/EK/Kaplan/TPRH)

    I have 3 sets of MCAT study books for sale, along with TPRH Verbal book. Full Berkeley Review (9 books)- $275 (like new- most recent edition) (SOLD) Organic I & II Gen. Chem I & II Physics I & II Biology I & II Verbal Reasoning ExamKrackers Complete Study Package 10th edition (6 books)- $175...
  5. M

    For Sale TBR Complete Set (2016) & TPRH Verbal Workbook

    Update: Items no longer available. Created a new post to address issues that some of you had w/ my previous one. For sale: The Berkeley Review Complete Set, 2016 ed. Psychology Chemistry I Chemistry II Biology I Biology II Organic Chemistry I Organic Chemistry II Physics I Physics II Verbal...
  6. M

    For Sale TBR Book Set (2016) & TPRH Verbal Workbook (2010)

    Please refer to new thread.
  7. J

    TPRH question - Which edition?

    Hi, Just a quick question. I've got the old TPRH books (both the science workbook and verbal) that I got in 2014 for the old MCAT. Do I need to get the new TPRH books to study correctly for the new MCAT? Or is the verbal workbook only good to me now? I know they changed the science based...