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    Trading Interview Dates

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    *****General Surgery Residency Interview Trades 2017-2018*****

    Hi all! I didn't see an interview trade/swap thread for this year and am currently in desperate need of one so I thought it'd be helpful to get this started. Also: Just to keep things clean, maybe it would be a good idea to edit/delete posts as your requests get resolved? I'm new to SDN :D
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    Wanted: Osborn's Brain Textbook for $ or services

    I am in need of purchasing Osborn's Brain as seen here: I am willing to purchase at the $399 sticker price should anyone have a copy. Alternatively, I run a book scanning business and am willing to trade this book for $1,500 in free services. On average a 1,000 page book costs $30 or so. Thats...