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    2017-2018 Prelim/Transitional year swap thread

    Thought this might be the time to start this I'll start: USER // NAME OF PROGRAM // SCHEDULED DATE // DATE TO SWAP TO iMedic //Newton-Wellesley Transitional Year// Scheduled date: Dec 5th // Want to swap to: Any day in January (will compensate!) Please bold the latest addition to the list and...
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    Do transitional programs allow away rotations for PGY-1s? Do most programs allow incoming rotators?

    I've applied to a lot of transitional year programs in the match as a back-up in case I can't get into surgery. Basically I'm asking is it common for transitional programs to allow their residents to do rotations at another hospital where they would hope to match next year or is it expected that...
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    ER residency advice

    Hello everyone! I could really use some advice please. I didn't get into an EM residency. Honestly academically and scores wise I'm not a very competitive applicant but I did multiple audition rotations and was told repeatedly that I excelled and was a great candidate. Unfortunately it seems...
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    Position Wanted Internal Med PGY1/Prelim/transition yr available?

    Does anyone know of a program that has an available Internal medicine PGY1, prelim or even transitional year position available?
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    IMMEDIATE transition year opening at Rowan

    Any DO's still looking for a Traditional Rotating Internship for this year? Contact me regarding setting up the TRI. Some details: the TRI is associated with Rowan SOM in Stratford, NJ. They would be taking my spot in the TRI, allowing me to accept an offer from a residency (instead of having to...
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    Transitional year for anesthesia, 4 interviews?

    Over the course of the interview trail I had been convinced to try for a TY year as EVERY single anesthesia resident who did one highly recommended it- more time in the OR (electives), more procedures, and generally just more perks. I had made the decision late in the interview season, which...
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    5 prelim/transitional interviews so far... Should I be worried?

    Hi, I am currently a 4th year med student applying to derm programs. Although I have several derm interviews so far, I only have 3 prelim and 2 transitional interviews. I had two more interview invitations but had to cancel them as they conflicted with my derm interviews and it was impossible...
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    2015-2016 Prelim Medicine/Transitional Year Interviews

    Hey guys, just getting this started to mirror last year's thread. Bold = newly added. Good luck to all! Pennsylvania [TY] Mercy Catholic Medical Center. Notified 9/18