1. W

    Submitting AADSAS without DAT Scores

    Hey everyone! I have already submitted my AADSAS app to my (1) state school, and it has been verified. I have yet to take the DAT (set for July 15). Does anyone know which dental schools are reviewing applications without receiving DAT scores first? Besides that, my application is fully...
  2. DOL8873

    Chance of disease transmission

    Hello, I’m a dental student and today my finger was stabbed by a bur :( Situation: Restoring a Class V missing restoration. No decay present. Prepped retention grooves in enamel only with #1/4 or #1/2 (very tiny) round bur with water. I placed the handpiece back in its holder and proceeded to...
  3. W

    (Worried student) Speech Pathology Clinical Placement

    Hello to all the helpful people that will read this and take the time to answer. This is my first post so I apologise if it is in the wrong place. I am a Speech and Language Pathology student who is currently undergoing a block of clinical placements/rotations. Query: Yesterday when I was...
  4. N

    Hepatitis (2)

    Why does hepatitis A can't develop into chronic condition? Why do hepatitis B and C can? Is it something about their virology or is it because of the transmission? Can anyone please explain it? Thank you I've searched about this before and I find some explanation. It says that because HBV is...
  5. D

    Fishing hook of a hep C patient, pricked me! Am I infected?

    My girlfriend has hep C since 5 years ago. She cares about her disease and so far none of her families are infected . But recently we have met and I´m still paranoid. For example, if a sharp tool (like knife) pricks her (e.g. during cooking), and no blood comes out, she considers it as safe and...