1. Mat the coolcat

    Guide for EM re-applicants?

    Hi all, I didn't match into emergency medicine last week, and I'm searching for a guide for re-applying if anyone has one; I'm a DO student who's definitely still set on re-applying EM for next year. My mentor/advisor and I are still kind of at a loss for why I didn't match; I wasn't even on...
  2. heychloe

    What happens to TRI? (Traditional Rotating Internship)

    I have a lot of questions about the TRI, pre and post merger. I did a quick search and could not find all the answers so I hope you guys will be generous enough to answer some of the questions. Pre-merger I noticed a lot of students from my school scrambling into TRI after failing their initial...
  3. I

    Position Wanted Seeking PGY-1 in FM, IM, Prelim or TRI

    Hardworking and passionate IMG with ECFMG certification. Permanent Resident status. Willing to relocate anywhere in the US. Give me a chance and I will not disappoint you. Thanks for your consideration.
  4. D

    OMS IV not sure how to proceed...

  5. P

    career options, locums, residency funding snafu

    Major questions are bolded. I have struggled to get into residency for a number of reasons and I need advice about my options. I’m not sure how many details to include. I have not been able to reach anyone at my med school and feel so alone. I graduated from med school in 2015 in NV but did...
  6. P

    Position Wanted Unmatched position list

    After searching threads with no luck, I am asking if you know how to find unmatched positions. I'm finishing my TRI and didn't match into residency. I'm looking for almost anything but limited to the west. find a resident- you have to pay for it? There are other similar sites nms- can't find...
  7. Z

    DO derm residency/TRI options

    So with having to apply to derm as a PGY1, it seems like the options are very limited if you don't end up matching. Does anyone know, can you only scramble into other PGY2 positions that also require a TRI (rads, pm&r, etc)? Or could you scramble, for example, into a PGY2 family medicine position?