tuition reimbursement

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    Cal Vet tuition waiver

    This is a long shot, but I have a question for any California residents who are planning on taking advantage of the CalVet College Fee Waiver, offered to qualified veterans and dependents of veterans (making under $12k/yr). Theoretically, if you qualify and are accepted into a UC (big "if")...
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    Other OT-Related Information Tuition Reimbursement/Loan Forgiveness for OTs?

    Just being accepted into OT school, I know it's kind of early to be asking about loan forgiveness/tuition reimbursement but I was wondering if anyone has any additional info/input about loan forgiveness for federal loans or just tuition reimbursement in general. I have looked at information...
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    Companies that offer tuition reimbursement for OT school?

    Hello, So I just finished up my Freshman year at Boston University, where I'm majoring in Behavior and Health, a program designed to prepare students for OT school. I'm hoping to intern/volunteer this summer at an Applied Behavioral Analysis center in my home state. However, my main goal is to...