tx resident

  1. B

    WAMC - 3.7 GPA/512 MCAT

    Just wanted to know if I need to be considering DO schools or adding more schools to my list. Commentary on chances of getting into Texas schools is also appreciated. Rising senior, applying this cycle (just submitted my TMDSAS last week). Basic stats/demographic: TX resident Top 20 university...
  2. lilsebastian18

    MD & DO WAMC: TX Resident, ORM, 3.6, 506

    Shalom! Loooong time lurker, 1st time poster. Seeing some very helpful responses to others, thought I'd give it a shot! Thanks in Advance!! :happy: Stats 1. Undergrad (Private TX Uni): 3.2 2. SMP turned Thesis Master's: 3.6 with a few honors 3. PB: 4.0 4. Overall: 3.6 5. Trending up: 4.0...