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    Study buddy in Dubai UAE MCAT

    I am looking to study with someone in this region (UAE). If so PM me. Thanks!
  2. D

    career opportunities uae

    I have 6 years of work experience as a dental consultant / hospital in charge post finishing my bachalor in dental surgery in india. I had to a break for 3 year as we had our first daughter. Now I am completing my master in dental surgery - Pedodontic and wish to move to UAE to practice as a...
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    Any US-trained dentists in Dubai

    Hi I was wondering if any US trained/US citizen dentists had gone to work in Dubai and what their experience was like? How to apply to work there, what it's like working there, if it's possible to buy a practice if you're not a UAE citizen, etc. I would really like to move there next year and...
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    Almost german board pediatrics, need to finish in UAE-HELP

    Hi all, just a short summary of my situation. I have the german citizenship, arab origin and ai finished medical school in germany. I also was going to finish my specialization in pediatrics ( needed 3 more months, but got pregnant). Now i live in UAE- Dubai, does anybody of you have any...