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  1. M

    Flexible time in rheum fellowship

    So for my second year of rheum fellowship, we get a bit of flexibility in deciding our schedules. I have 2 days a week I can fill however I want--research/flex time, continuity clinic, ultrasound/injection clinic, other subspecialty clinics. I've had such a busy first year that I'm kind of...
  2. @Hazel-rah

    MD & DO Is Ultrasound Taught in Your Medical School?

    I’m working on a petition to our medical school to increase our exposure to POCUS early on and frequently. Please help me get a better understanding of: IF ultrasound is taught at other medical schools. IF YES, please describe. WHETHER IT SHOULD BE taught in medical school. (Im...
  3. M

    Ultrasound/Sonography at SUNY Downstate

    Anyone have experience applying to SUNY Downstate's Diagnostic Medical Imaging program?? Any idea what the interview is like, the written exercise? Acceptance rate and stats if you were accepted? Thank you!
  4. POCUS-Education

    Advertisement CME Ultrasound Workshop September 9th in Huntington Beach, CA

    You are kindly invited to attend the CME credited Second Annual Perioperative and Acute Care Ultrasound Workshop co-hosted by the Anesthesiology Departments at Loma Linda Medical Center and UCLA Medical Center. The workshop will be held in beautiful Huntington Beach, CA at the Hyatt Regency...
  5. T

    Practical Approach to the Fetal CNS [Part 4]

    In this video, we will cover: What are the criteria for a normal cisterna... Is it just the size? Is is always necessary to measure the cisterna? What does seeing a normal cisterna magna really accomplish for us? How does an abnormal cisterna help us? How do we discern an abnormal cisterna...
  6. due.diligence

    online accredited sonography program?

    Hi folks. I'm researching healthcare careers to see which one I want to pursue. I'm interested in sonography. I'm seeing forums where people say that the market is saturated, definitely don't enter the field, and forums saying it's a great field with plenty of demand. Anyone have thought on the...
  7. S

    Ultrasound Tech Internship Questions

    I am a current student conducting a short questionnaire for the purpose of researching the feasibility of Bellevue College (BC) offering an internship for students prior to starting the Diagnostic Ultrasound Technology (DUTEC) program. If you choose to answer one or both short questionnaires...
  8. A

    Terason uSmart 3300 for sale

    My dad was a radiologist, and had purchased this new Terason 3300 ultrasound scanner in Dec. of 2014. He passed away last year without ever using the machine. I have the original packing slip. It has a 5 year warranty and comes complete with 5 different boxes of probes/attachments. It also...