undergrad minors

  1. J

    Impact of Undergraduate Degree

    I currently am a marketing and international business co-major at a nationally ranked business undergraduate university. Assuming I take all my "Pre-Med" prerequisites and do well on the MCAT, will my major negatively impact my chances at getting into medical school? I was thinking about picking...
  2. csequine

    Minors that look good on application?

    Hey all, I'm approaching the end of my first year of my undergrad, but I took 36 credits of college courses in high school, so I "could be" a full year ahead. However, since a lot of my science courses have to be taken consecutively, there's basically no way I'm going to be able to graduate with...
  3. S

    Possible Undergrad Minors

    Hi! I am a freshman at SUNY Albany. I am an intended Biology major on a Pre-Med track. My academic goal is to go to medical school and become an anesthesiologist. My academic advisor had mentioned looking into minors to kind of "spruce up" my med school application (starting early). I was...