1. S

    Chair Leaving UCLA for UPMC - Why?

    Why does a guy spend his whole career in LA, then move to the midwest?
  2. D

    Pitt vs Cooper

    I have multiple acceptances and need to decide. I like both schools. Hopefully you all can provide your thoughts! Cooper Pros: close to where I grew up; much cheaper; great community; new school, meaning lots of opportunity to be a leader and shine; opportunities to improve the region where I...
  3. C

    IM Residency: Yale vs. UPMC

    I know that there are many personal preferences and reasons that could shift the decision, but assuming those remain similar, which one is best to go to for IM training? I appreciate your input!
  4. L

    Hamot Medical Center, ERIE -- Neurology residency

    Makes sense/
  5. Radiologyreviews2015

    Midwest Help

    Hey all, I thought I'd change it up here and ask some opinions on some programs I'm having trouble separating in the Midwest. Too many Californians/NE people on SDN! Haha. So far, I have CCF, Indiana, Wisconsin, NW, and UPMC as my top 5. I did not get interviews to Mayo, MIR, or Michigan (1st...