us progrram for foreign doctor

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    Transfer from German to US medical

    Hi guys, My name is Marie and I just finished my first year of med school in Germany. I was born and raised in the US but spent the past few years living in Germany, so I decided to attend medical school here. However I've recently decided that I want to return to the US in the near future...
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    Tunisian MD looking for scholarship programs for a Master in the US

    Hi everyone, i am a Tunisian MD in general medicine. I graduated with highest honours and i am looking to prefect my knowledge in the US by enrolling in a master's program. However, i will need to have a scolarship in order to be able to do that so far away from home. Would anybody help me...
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    Ideas for a foreign medical degree in the US

    Hi everyone, I am a Doctor of Medicine freshly graduated from the Tunis Faculty of medicine after 5 years of studies and 2 years of clinical internship in various departments in the hospitals of Tunis. I know the path that i am supposed to take in order to obtain a licence to practice medicine...