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    Help me decide: USC vs. Lincoln Memorial University?

    USC vs. Lincoln Memorial University? I am from California and I live about an hour away from USC. I am interested in specializing (perhaps OMFS or dental anesthesia) but not committed. However, this may change as I explore other options in dental school. I really want to be close to my family...
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    USC Application

    Is it worth applying to USC without masters or preceptorship or advanced training? Thank you. My profile: Nbde part 1 and 2 Toefl 108 GPA 3.65 Postgraduate diploma in management in the home country Lots of volunteer dental experiences in the US
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    Hi everyone, I am finishing up my last semester this Fall at CSUF in Health Sciences. For many years now, I wanted to become a Physician Assistant. Recently, suddenly, my heart has gone towards a different path, and I never thought in my LIFE that I would change my career, because I was...