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Jul 11, 2016
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Hi everyone,

I am finishing up my last semester this Fall at CSUF in Health Sciences. For many years now, I wanted to become a Physician Assistant. Recently, suddenly, my heart has gone towards a different path, and I never thought in my LIFE that I would change my career, because I was seriously SO all about the PA profession. Now, I am interested in becoming a dentist, and the best part about it is becoming my own boss.

Anyways, I am 24 years old and thinking about doing a postbacc since I have not completed all the prerequisites for dental school. USC's program is specifically tailored to people who want to change their career completely or haven't been to school in a while, but I am eligible since I have not taken the prerequisites. Other programs like Scripps, UCSD, or CSUF's post bacc, all require that you take the prerequisites before, or that you are a disadvantaged student.

USC's post bacc has no linkages, but I'm hoping to get into their dental school. Their postbacc program is 50k. I know its a lot, but it may be worth it in the end if I get into their dental school.

IS THERE ANYONE who has finished the USC postbacc program? PLEASE respond, I would like to know more about the program and what its like. I would really appreciate some information about it. Or is ANYONE applying for the postbacc program at USC? If so, I just might see you there if I decide to go.

Post bacc at USC or community college? I for some reason prefer the postbacc since its better to take prereqs at a university, and USC's dental school highly recommends it.

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May 17, 2010
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50k without linkage? not worth it imo. By the way, if you did postbac and dental school at USC , you would be graduating with 50 + 470 k in debt...

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