usmle 2 cs



    RADSTEP is the only comprehensive course which covers the entirety of radiology image interpretation for the USMLE & COMLEX exam. 3 MONTHS OF UNLIMITED ACCESS FULL ACCESS TO COMPLETE VIDEO LIBRARY OVER 7.5 HOURS OF KEY CONCEPTS FOR BOTH USMLE AND COMLEX EXAMS OVER 1 HOUR OF NORMAL RADIOGRAPH...
  2. DrDry

    Verified help passing USMLE...

    Hi. My name is Dr. Richard Dry and I’m the Director of Institutional Relations from MedSmarter, a smarter way of preparing you to take your USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CS, Step 2 CK and Step 3 exams. It’s the only test prep company that can boast a 98% success rate because of the unique approach to...
  3. goodvibes27

    USMLE Step 2 CS: Passed. Hope my experience helps. =)

    Hi Guys! I just received my Step 2 CS score and I passed! So relieved and happy, my heart was doing backflips in the hours counting down to the result! So I thought I would share my experience and give some tips regarding how to go about CS. It's a simple exam, I do agree with that, but one...
  4. M

    Need Step 2 CS partner Austin, Texas

    hi, I am looking for someone to practice with for step 2 CS; it can be someone who has already taken or not taken CS yet.I will be in Austin from August 4th and my test date is August 15th in Houston. Please respond if interested.
  5. C

    Rescheduling Step 2 CS with Check4Change

    I have my Step 2 CS scheduled for August 1, 2018 in Chicago. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I now need to postpone my exam to be taken on August 30, 2018 at the earliest, and November 30, 2018 at the latest. I have downloaded the Check4Change extension to my firefox browser. I am applying the...
  6. U

    CS study partner needed

    Hey! I'm in northern California and am looking for a live/skype SP. Exam in early august! Anybody interested can kindly respond on the thread or can personally message me Thanks
  7. B

    SP for CS, in Boulder Co?

    Hi, I'm preparing for Step 2 ck for July and step 2 cs on June 6th. Anyone in Boulder with similar schedule? Willing to study together for CS?
  8. T

    USMLE So I made a Video Course for Step 2 CS

    Hey everyone, new to studentdocnetwork. I am an attending recent residency grad. With some other attendings we made a course video course for step 2 CS. I guess I'm not allowed to put URLs in my post. :( Would love any feedback! Cheers.