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    MedSchoolGurus Online Individualized 1:1 USMLE/NBME Tutoring. Average Guru Step 1/2 Score: 263/273. (Highest Among All Tutoring Companies). Gurus Scoring 275/281 on Step1/2 (Seriously!). Experienced USMLE Tutors. Tailored Study Schedules. Proprietary MedSchoolGurus Anki Decks. Test-Taking...
  2. MedSchoolGurus

    I got a 256 on Step 1, 269 on Step 2 CK, and matched at Stanford. Ask me anything!

    Hi all! SDN was super helpful to me in the past, so I thought I'd do an AMA here. Ask me anything!
  3. S

    USMLE Step 2 personalized, virtual, 1:1 sessions

    I am a board-certified, Vanderbilt-trained pediatrician with a broad portfolio of both clinical and medical education experience. Test preparation has always been a personal strength (I graduated first in my medical school class) and I have helped many students prepare for tests using strategies...
  4. B

    Am I doing this right?!

    I started studying with OnlineMedEd. I think it's a pretty good source. I also started UWorld (Avg 54%). I know that's terrible especially since I had a run through the questions but usually, it's like "duh! I knew that...idk why I didn't choose that". I completely second guess myself all the...
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    For Sale Step 2 CK Qmax 12 Month Subscription Coupon Code

    I am selling a 12-month subscription to Step 2 CK Qmax question bank ($198) for $170 OBO. The subscription has NOT been activated! I was awarded a coupon code for the price of the subscription as part of a scholarship, but I am not interested in activating or using the service. Contact me if...
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    USMLE neuroscience tutorial

    Check out for help with USMLE tutoring. You can find a sample tutorial for neuroanatomy here: