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  2. MedSchoolGurus

    I got a 256 on Step 1, 269 on Step 2 CK, and matched at Stanford. Ask me anything!

    Hi all! SDN was super helpful to me in the past, so I thought I'd do an AMA here. Ask me anything!
  3. S

    USMLE Step 2 personalized, virtual, 1:1 sessions

    I am a board-certified, Vanderbilt-trained pediatrician with a broad portfolio of both clinical and medical education experience. Test preparation has always been a personal strength (I graduated first in my medical school class) and I have helped many students prepare for tests using strategies...
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    USMLE/COMLEX Special USMLE Discounts for Prep Week 2017

    In honor of SDN PrepWeek we're offering 25% off of all Med school and USMLE Audio products purchased through At checkout use Discount Code SDN17 Valid until Sept 25, 2017 Individual courses Neurobiology & Neurology Ophthalmology Review or Ophthalmology Mnemonics...
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    USMLE/COMLEX Admissions Prep Week Savings! + USMLE Study Tips from Elsevier Authors

    Prepare for USMLE with top selling books & eBooks. Elsevier’s USMLE Step 1, 2 and 3 resources provide all of the concepts you need to succeed. Make the most of your study time with focused, high-yield content and test prep strategies. Focus on essential concepts and master them efficiently...
  6. B

    Am I doing this right?!

    I started studying with OnlineMedEd. I think it's a pretty good source. I also started UWorld (Avg 54%). I know that's terrible especially since I had a run through the questions but usually, it's like "duh! I knew that...idk why I didn't choose that". I completely second guess myself all the...
  7. chalupabatman13

    For Sale Step 2 CK Qmax 12 Month Subscription Coupon Code

    I am selling a 12-month subscription to Step 2 CK Qmax question bank ($198) for $170 OBO. The subscription has NOT been activated! I was awarded a coupon code for the price of the subscription as part of a scholarship, but I am not interested in activating or using the service. Contact me if...
  8. A

    USMLE neuroscience tutorial

    Check out for help with USMLE tutoring. You can find a sample tutorial for neuroanatomy here:
  9. McGrawHillMed

    USMLE/COMLEX Excellent Prep for the USMLE! Sneak Peak Included

    No matter when you are taking the USMLE exam, USMLE Easy offers excellent ways for you to prepare. Check out some of our key features in the videos below: My Study Plan feature allows you to choose a prep mode (aggressive, moderate, or relaxed) based on your test date and the nature of your...
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    USMLE/COMLEX USMLE Easy Test Prep Week Raffle!

    We are raffling off a a $25 Starbucks Gift Card and a FREE 3-month Trial to USMLE Easy! How to win? It's simple! Comment on one of our threads to enter the drawing. will select the winner once Test Prep Week is complete. In the mean time get a FREE Sneak-Peak of USMLE Easy by...
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    USMLE/COMLEX PrepWeek 2016 - RAFFLE - USMLE Step 1 AudioBook

    Enter to win a copy of the USMLE Step 1 Triple Review Audio Book ($78 value). A winner will be chosen from people who respond in this thread to the question: How much studying time could you recapture if you used audiobooks? About USMLE Step 1 Triple Audio Review The combination of the...