usmle rx

  1. halmoni

    Any recommendations for Step 1 question banks?

    I've been thinking of starting some question banks this summer now that I'm done with M1. After having sampled a couple of questions from USMLE Rx, Kaplan, and Amboss, I personally thought that Kaplan was the easiest while Amboss was hard but had good explanations. USMLE Rx has been my least...
  2. Piglet2020

    Good resources for step prep

    So I already bought first aid, uworld, pathoma, and sketchy. I also downloaded Zanki. Has anyone heard of usmle rx? What about other resources?
  3. D

    USMLE Rx Coupons Through March 18th 2018

    USMLE Rx 6 month 360 package, Qmax, or Express videos coupons! New purchases only. You can also take advantage of this offer now and set your subscription to delay for up to 6 months. So, buy now, use later Click on "I have a coupon" in your cart to use the code! All coupons are valid...
  4. DZKMD

    UWorld's 2nd pass (80-100%) Should I change QBank?

    ORIENTATION NEEDED. I'm about 10 40Qs-blocks into UWorld's second pass ranging 80-100%; First pass, random, timed was 73%. My second pass scores are most likely 'cause I do remember the questions and answers, although I study the explanations again, even when I know the "why" of the correct...
  5. E

    Advertisement 12-month Step 2 CK Qmax: $138 Promo code RU31QMAX212

    12-month Step 2 CK Qmax: $138 Promo code RU31QMAX212 Expires 1/29/2016
  6. chalupabatman13

    For Sale Step 2 CK Qmax 12 Month Subscription Coupon Code

    I am selling a 12-month subscription to Step 2 CK Qmax question bank ($198) for $170 OBO. The subscription has NOT been activated! I was awarded a coupon code for the price of the subscription as part of a scholarship, but I am not interested in activating or using the service. Contact me if...
  7. Nose2Grindstone

    Wanted: USMLE RX Triple Play Discount Code (Oct/Nov 2016)

    Looking for a coupon code for USMLE-Rx Triple Play. Help a brother out? Thank you!
  8. V

    USMLE Rx Step 1 Qmax Promo Expires 8/25/16

    USMLE-Rx 12-month TYP Step 1 Qmax subscription 40% off! $179 instead of $299! The promo code is: IU30QMAX112 This code is active until Thurs, 8/25/16. Wed, 8/24/16 is the last day you can sign up using this code. Don't wait till wednesday! This is the Qbank that USMLE-RX/First Aid makes. The...
  9. D

    12 Month USMLE Rx Step 1 Qmax Subscription

    I am selling my USMLE Rx Step 1 Qmax subscription, an important resource for Step 1 studying (and 2nd year medical school courses). The subscription ends on August 14th, 2017. I am selling it for $150 OBO. Contact me for more information!
  10. C

    USMLE Rx for Step 2

    I know this question has been addressed before on this forum, but seeing as how the Qmax question bank has undergone pretty significant revision and improvement over the past few years, I was hoping who has recently used USMLE Rx to study for Step 2 could give me their two cents on it's utility...
  11. F

    USMLE USMLERx Step 2 Qmax Discount Code!

    The First Aid/USMLE-Rx team would like to offer you a great deal --> 12 month Step 2 Qmax for $149!!! We all know this an A-rated question bank from the authors of First Aid for the USMLE. The subscription lasts for 12 months BUT if you don't take Step 2 until next year, they will even let you...
  12. M

    Wanted: USMLE Rx Discount Codes

    I am looking for discount codes for USMLE Rx, especially for 6 month Q bank subscription. Please share on here or via message if you're willing, I would greatly appreciate it. Cheers