usmle step 2cs

  1. A

    USMLE Weather conditions, step 2 CS

    Hey everyone, I'm scheduled to take my Step 2 CS on Thurs in Atlanta and I'm flying there on Wednesday. But there is a blizzard in NY on Tuesday and I'm concerned it might end up affecting my flight. Anyone know what happens if you can't make your exam because of weather? Thanks!
  2. OdysseusMD

    USMLE STEP 2CS SP in Boston

    Hello everyone, A few things about me: Graduated from a European med school a few months ago, done with STEP 1 and CK (260+ both) and I'm starting a postdoc research fellowship in late January. I'm looking for a STEP 2CS study partner in Boston. My exam is in early April. I can devote around...