usmle step 3

  1. F

    USMLE Step 3 UWorld sale (CCS + Biostats only)

    Screenshot attached. CCS and Biostats with renew options. Both expire January 2020. $40 OBO.
  2. T

    UWorld Step 3

    The qbank (4 months) CCS (6 months) and biostats (>9 months) and UWSA 1 for sale, DM me
  3. ApolloUSMLE

    USMLE/COMLEX Prep Week 2017 USMLE Discounts

    In honor of SDN PrepWeek we're offering 25% off of all Med school and USMLE Audio products purchased through ApolloAudiobooks.com. At checkout use Discount Code SDN17 Valid until Sept 25, 2017 Individual courses Neurobiology & Neurology Ophthalmology Review or Ophthalmology Mnemonics...
  4. H

    US MD resident physician offering assistance with all parts of the USMLE, application, interview etc

    I am currently a US resident physician on "vacation". I passed all of my USMLE steps on my first attempt, graduated from a US medical school, and have another doctorate level degree in addition to my MD. I was an interviewer for two residency programs, one medical school, and another...
  5. Stedari

    USMLE Step 3 Requirement as a DO at ACGME IM Program

    I am a DO and PGY3 in an ACGME Internal Medicine set to graduate in 06/2018. Our administration just informed us that USMLE Step 3 will be a requirement for graduation and that COMLEX Level 3 is not sufficient. As with the other DOs in my class, I am not eligible for USMLE Step 3 as I didn't...
  6. M

    Step 1, 2CK, 2CS, 3 tutoring

    Hello, I am an resident in anesthesiology at a top 10 school with step 1 > 250 step 2CK > 260, first time pass in Step 2 CS, and most recently Step 3 > 240. I have teaching experiences in Kaplan as an MCAT instructor for 3 years and writing questions for Kaplan's Step 1 Qbank. If interested, I...
  7. B

    Quick quide to step 3 prep

    I just wrote my exam experience here on my page: http://lifeandhealthdiaries.blogspot.com/2016/09/preparing-for-usmle-step-3.html
  8. ApolloUSMLE

    USMLE/COMLEX Gold Standard USMLE Audio is Back!!

    We are pleased to announce that Gold Standard USMLE audio prep is back For step 1: https://www.apolloaudiobooks.com/downloads/gold-standard-usmle-step-1-review/ Step 2 and 3 will be available on ApolloAudiobooks in the next week, in the meanwhile you can find them at: http://www.boardprep.net/