1. E

    Other OT-Related Information USPHS OT Questions

    Hello! I am currently an OT student that recently stumbled upon the United States Public Health Service and found it rather intriguing. I have looked at the website for information, however, I am looking for more information than the website provided. I am looking for someone who is currently...
  2. S

    Internship with JRCOSTEP

    Anyone have any advice for securing an internship in the USPHS JRCOSTEP program? Any insight appreciated! What do they look for in applicants?
  3. found_cat

    IHS Doc

    What is it like to be a doctor in the IHS? I have read plenty about the frustrations military doctors go through (bureaucracy, poor leadership, lack of resources, etc.), but I couldn't find any IHS physicians' perspective. Do you have the support you need? Decent working conditions? A...
  4. S

    Interested in USPHS, with an MPH degree

    Hi, I've been really interested in a possible career in the USPHS, but have had difficulty what I could use my Masters' degree for. I have a master's degree in Epidemiology and am currently working in Social Behavioral Sciences Research. I'm looking for a change in pace and a more hands on...
  5. DDS1st

    United States Public Health Service - Dental Questions

    I was ask if I wouldn't mind helping to help monitor SDN for questions people may have about career opportunities as a dentist within the United States Public Health Service (USPHS). There is a forum that was posted about a year ago that has a lot of great information and questions. "Ask a...
  6. S

    Should I go to medical school?

    Hi guys. If you have a minute and enjoy opining on people's life choices, I'd appreciate your thoughts on whether I should go to medical school. Personal background--my parents are academic scientists and I grew up in a town where the largest employer was a teaching hospital. I was around...
  7. W

    USPHS Physician Questions about career path, career options, duties, and more.

    Alright people. I am a current prospective medical student (currently in the midst of interviews) and I am intrigued by the idea of being able to serve the public health needs of my country in uniform. There's only one problem - I am having trouble finding information regarding how I can get...
  8. USPHS Physician

    New Ask a USPHS Physician thread

    Military docs, we salute you...and we recruit you :) Just FYI here is a new Ask a USPHS Physician thread. We get a fair number of prior military docs transfer in to USPHS, so thought I'd post a link here too. Thank you.
  9. USPHS Physician

    Ask a USPHS Physician

    I am part of a group of USPHS physicians who are trying to extend our outreach to interested students, residents, and physicians such as yourselves. So, SDN's "USPHS Physician" is born!...and he's most honored and pleased to represent and assist USPHS Dentist in answering your questions. USPHS...